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Nancy Toothman
605 E. Main Street
Mannington, WV 26582

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"I am, therefore I art"

In Christina's Yard

Until I opened my own studio (Mountain Mama Studio) in Mannington, WV, I had operated a similar design studio in NC called Conk Point Graphix. Prior to that I was employed as Creative Director at a large coastal North Carolina ad specialties company. As a computer artist, I designed ads, logos, catalogs, tee shirts, web sites, and an assortment of other miscellaneous graphic projects. Today I am semi-retired but I still like to design.

For personal satisfaction, I stay busy creating mixed media art pieces. My "Book Series" was prompted by my love of books and of reading. This series is now on semi-permanet display at the Library here in Mannington, WV. At one time I designed and fabricated earrings and up-cycledg jewelry. I sold these on www.outrageousearrings.com. If I ever have time, I may revive that site. Today I am more focused on creating mixed media art and I've just begun painting with acrylics. I remain interested in re-cyling and caring for our planet and much of my art reflects this.

I have deep roots here in Marion County. I recently returned home to "Wild and Wonderful West Virginia", arguably the best place short of Heaven. I lost my little Tinker pom last year and I lost Bunny Rabbit (a Border Terrier) and Zippie Doo Dah (a long-hair Chihuahua) Toothman in 2016. I now have a new rescue, Binkie Toothman.[See below] She is perfect as have been all of my pups.


In addition, I have two gorgeous daughters, Alice and Melissa, and three grandchildren. They are also perfect. So is my sister Sandee.


Me and BunnyBoy
Me and Bunny Rabbit Toothman,
a sweet little rescue from Pennslvania.
This was the day we came home.
Lost Bunny in 2016

In Barbados
Happy on a vacation cruise in Barbados with one of my darling daughters.

Protesting in Washington, DC
In Washington, DC. I tried. I returned to protest the bombing of Afghanistan and more recently to protest the Keystone Pipeline.


I have to say my life is pretty good. In fact, it's even better than that. West Virginia is truly "almost Heaven" to me. I am so very blessed and I love my life. Just wish my West Coast family were a little closer. : )