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"Cantina Bandito" San Ramon, Nicaragua
[Photograph compliments of companero Ken Knight]

Until opening her own shop, Nan was employed as Creative Director at a large coastal North Carolina ad specialties company. As a graphic artist working primarily on the computer, she designs ads, logos, catalogs, tee shirts, web sites, and an assortment of other miscellaneous graphic projects. To see examples of her professional and personal work , click the portfolio link at the top of this page.

For personal satisfaction, Nan designs and fabricates earrings, for herself, for her friends, and now, available for sale online at http://www.outrageousearrings.com NNancy considers each pair of earrings a small discreet art piece and she takes great care with each one. She also collects outrageous earrings and enjoys wearing them. Friends say she has the coolest earrings of anyone they have ever known.

Nan lives in a 100 year-old lovingly renovated and recreated "fisherman's shack" on the coastal marsh water. Her two Pomeranians Lylie and Dukie Baby live in the home as well. Nancy also has two gorgeous daughters, Alice and Melissa, who have been gifted more outrageous earrings than any daughters could possibly desire... or maybe not?

It's all good.


At the March
On the Mall in DC, January 2005;
Below, in Morehead City, NC 2007
Nancy at Sesquicentennial

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