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Nancy Elkess
Do you want Big Girl Antlers like mine?
It's an Elk thing. : )
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My Studio has moved home to West Virginia after 20 wonderful years in Coastal NC.
     OUTRAGEOUS EARRINGS is undergoing conplete re-conception,.
and I'm mostly creating mixed media art pieces this days.


Lyle Rimbey Toothman       Sheriff Toothman
Above Left: My beloved grandmother, Alice Lyle Rimbey [Mrs. Homer C. Toothman]
Above Right: My beloved grandfather,ex-Marion County Sheriff "Sandy" Toothman

New Art

I'm a mixed media artist,
a mostly retired graphic artist
and web designer, and I've recently relocated to my West Virginia mountain home.
It was time.

In semi-retirement, I do anything
I feel like doing, including occasional pro bono work for
non-profits I want to support.
I have over 25 years experience
as an Art Director, and later, as owner of my own studio on the Carolina coast.

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Because I was working in a small regional market, my professional experience covers a wide variety of work: illustration, photography, catalog layout, color separating for screenprinting, webdesign for non-profit organizations, for small businesses and personal sites for artists. I've designed for a variety of nationally-known clients such as Star Hardee's, Bridgestone Firestone, Sony Ericcson, Habitat for Humanity, NC Seafood Festival, Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and Bojangle's Chicken and Biscuits. I've designed logos and tee shirts for small and large fishing tournaments, for local businesses and for major non-profit events such as Relay for Life.

At first I continued working a bit for interesting new clients in north-central West Virginia. But now, I stay busy creating art and I have a lot of gratitude in my life. It's all good. Now if we could just get a few art galleries in this Wild and Wonderful West Virginia county!

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